About HEG

Hybrid Energy Group, LLC was founded in 2005 to facilitate investment in renewable energy systems that benefit the environment and offer attractive returns to investors.

HEG believes that clean energy production is one of the most important and challenging opportunities presented to our society today, and development of economically viable renewable energy sources is a compelling and productive avenue for achieving energy independence and reducing carbon emissions.


George L. "Woody" Beardsley - President
  • 15 years as a land use and conservation real estate specialist.
  • BA Lewis and Clark College. MA University of Montana.
    Thomas Platt - Vice President
    • 15 years as a natural resource analyst and public policy researcher for conservation organizations and academia.
    • BS University of Oregon. MS University of Montana.
      Ted Ramsey - Director of Energy Services
      • 10 years as an educator and attorney in the non-profit sector.
      • BA Univeristy of Texas. JD University of Arizona. MSF Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.